Lion Group of College's Course List..
(Medical Diploma Programs)

Medical Diploma Programs
Sr. No.Name of CourseDuration
1M.P.H.W(Male)1 and 1/2 Year
2M.P.H.W(Female)(Vocational Course)2 Year
3D.M.L.T(Diploma In Medical Lab. Technician)2 Year
4(O.T.T.) Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician 2 Year
5(D P.T.) Diploma in Physiotherapy 2 Year
6Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacist 2 Year
7Diploma in Veterinary & Live Stock Development Assistant 2 Year
8Diploma in Medical Radiography Technology 2 Year
9Diploma in Homoeopathic Pharmacy 2 Year
10Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy 2 Year
11Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing & Panchkarma Therapist 1 Year
12Dental Nursing 1 Year
13Dental Health Worker 1 Year
14Dental Lab Technician 2 Year
15Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant 2 Year
16Diploma in Dialysis Technician 2 Year
17Health Sanitary Inspector 1 Year
18TV Health Visiter 1 Year
19Nany Care 6 Months
20Diploma in Nursing Assistant 2 Year
21Diploma in Cath Lab Technology 2 Year
22Diploma in X-ray & ECG 1 Year
23(C.M.S. & E D.)Community Medical Services & Essential Drugs) 1 and 1/2 Year

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