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Message From Our Inspirations

First of all i would like to thanks to show your interest to be affiliated member of this Group. un-employement is the major problem of india Where highly qualified and well experienced persons are wandering here and there for employment . A large number of multinational companies are giving opportunities to un-employed Indian educated youth but not paying remunerations as per their qualification and experience without any employment assurance for the future. Any time they can be asked to leave without any notice. Secondly, the un-employnment is the result of lack of knowledge to choose the field of education. The mentality of the 80% un-employed youth is to get a job in Govt. Sector, So with the frustration of not accomplishing their dream job they may land into fatal Circumstance or criminal activities.
To control this critical problem and to promote the para Medical Science the Research Centre of this group has decided to run different Para Medical Course. Para Medical are the back bone of Medical Treatments. This sector has great opportunities of self-employement for every Un-employed youth after complete of secondary school examination. Thousands of students of The centre are living a satisfied life and earning better than the Govt. Employees by running their own Medical labs, Dental labs, Optical center, Physiotherapy center, X-rey E.C.G. centre and providing first-aid in the field of Ayurveda, Homoepathy, Essential Drugs. At least I Would like to state that this is the right choice for unemployed youth or fresher to attain the respectful business opportunities, especially you have the choice to choose the Para Medical Field Et This Business Platform as per your interests.

Sh. B.S Nadha (Founder Lion Group India)

Overview of Lion Group India

1. Lion College of Medical Science India is established Under "Peer Baba Lakh Data International Education & Research Society, Ratia" in 2010.
2. Lion College of Medical Science India is established in 2010 to Promote the Para Medical and Vocational Education through all over India.
3. Lion College of Medical Science India is the Work in the field of Education Promote All Around the World because Education is the life long Process Born to Death.
4. Lion College of Medical Science India is Registered by Govt.
5. Lion Group India is ISO 9001-2008 Certified.

We Work on Our Some Feature Plans Like: Lion Foundation For Social Work, Lion Pharma & Lion Charitable Homeopathic Pharmacy.

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